Monday, July 23, 2012

Cosmetic Marketplace Comparison Sheet

Another great resource for comparing our products to others in the marketplace!
Are you surprised to see our Swiss products for such an amazing price? Can you remember the last time you received a discount when you purchased cosmetics or skin care products from a department store!? You and I both know that cosmetics and skin care products are ALWAYS excluded from sales! 
They're listed in the fine print that's about this size! And who reads the fine print anyway?!
There are two ways that you can purchase our products at a discounted rate -- 1) with our preferred client membership; 2) by becoming a consultant; 3) what most women do is host a get together with a few of their close friends -- the host will receive an 80% discount on her favorite Arbonne products! ;-) 
Email me if you need more info!

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