Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Reasons to Wash Your Face Before Bed . . . EVERY Night

  1. Touching your face all day long, without intentionally doing so, is making your face one of the dirtiest parts on your body. It’s important to clean the skin to avoid the spread of bacteria that can cause increased blemishes. 
  2. Cleansing your skin at night will reduce oil and the ability for acne-causing bacteria to thrive inside the pores. This means less break outs!
  3. Your skin repairs itself at night, so removing makeup gives your skin a clean palette for applying your night time performance products for maximum absorption. For the best anti-aging results, clean your skin with a gentle sulfate-free cleanser like Arbonne's anti-aging RE9 smoothing cleanser, along with the RE9 serum and RE9 night cream
  4. While you sleep, your skin is at rest allowing regeneration to occur. 
  5. Moisturizers evaporate when on the skin all day, so washing your skin and applying moisturizer at night ensures it will stay moist and hydrated while you sleep. 
** Skin tip: if you wait until you're exhausted, it's too easy to skip your nightly routine. Try washing your face around 7:00 or 8:00 instead! **
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