Monday, May 14, 2012

Who is Arbonne?

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Arbonne (meaning "Beautiful Tree") was founded in 1980 by a Norwegian man named Petter Morck. He teamed up with several of the world's leading bio-chemists, biologists, and herbalists to develop skin care products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. Petter was a pioneer in the European direct sales industry and has always been associated with Europe's most successful direct marketing companies.  Since day one, Petter's vision was to create products that were pure, safe and beneficial. We currently have over 200 products that are botanically based, 100% vegan, hypoallergenic to European standards (which are MUCH higher than US standards!), and PH correct. Our products are free of the following: animal products and by-products, dyes or chemical fragrances, mineral oil and parabens. All of our products are formulated in Switzerland and made here in the US. 

FYI: To receive a hypoallergenic (def: having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction) rating in Europe, you must score a ZERO on a scale of 1-10. US standards still say that you can call yourself "hypoallergenic." Europe has banned over 3000 questionable or dangerous chemicals (I will discuss chemicals in another blog entry) from their products. Wanna take a guess on how many we have banned here in the US?? 

TEN! Doesn't that make you stop and think for a second? Who's in charge of the "standards" in the US?
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